Tuesday, November 3, 2015

These Kids

Goodness I love these kiddos. You'd think I'd get sick of spending so much time with them but that just isn't true. The good thing about this homeschooling business (that I've found) is that I can enjoy doing more things on my own and don't feel the guilt I used to, now that we spend the whole day together.

Anyway we were able to take some fall pictures and these are now my new favorites of these kids.

My handsome dude :)

Love this girl and all her messed up, missing teeth!

Pretty sure there has not been a more ornery face in the history of time.

When you try to kiss your sister, you get an elbow to the gut. Haha!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! We were happy we were able to have two "trick-or-treat" times because poor Miss Aliza was not feeling well last night and didn't get to trick-or-treat at all. If this baby declines candy something must be really wrong :( Eric's work put on a mini trick-or-treat along their walking path around the hospital so we were able to all do that together and I was actually able to get a few "real" pictures of the kids in their costumes this year.

Oliver decided on being a mummy this year months ago... It was fun and fitting since we are studying Ancient Egypt and mummies in school right now. He got so many compliments on his costume even though we just couldn't get the wrapping to stay on as well as we would have liked.

Abriella had planned on being a magician and had the hat, cape, magic tricks, bunny and wand. I assumed that she would wear all black underneath but came down in this. I asked her about her shirt and she declared it was her magician's shirt because it had a collar and pocket. Who was I to argue with that.

And then little Miss Aliza was a cute black kitty cat. I was supposed to be a witch and she was going to be my black cat but we never made it that far on Halloween. We had a hard time finding a black cat costume so we tried to make it on our own. I think she's pretty cute.

Hopefully next year we can all celebrate together!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Long Time Coming

4 months... I haven't posted anything in 4 months. Things are quite a bit different now since Christmas. It's warmer... and that's wonderful.

The kids graced me with a few minutes of pictures the other night and are calling it my gift for Mother's Day. The sun was perfect and I couldn't help but bring out the big camera. I've been documenting our days just with my Iphone and think it may have killed my blog. But here are a few pictures for now.

She found a ladybug. 

This kid takes her shoes off everywhere. 

But then she hated the feel of grass on her feet. 

She is such a little stinker. 

This girl loves to pose. 

Apparently I'm hilarious. 

These two!!

Still couldn't manage that magical shot of all three. 

This boy. He has my heart. Oh, and he's crazy. 

He found a caterpillar. 

Their favorite place to play... in the street. 

She went and posed like this all by herself. 

They even graced me with a few pictures with me. 

So that was a bit more than a few pictures but it's bittersweet. It looks like we are going to get our house and gain a ton of space and hopefully some new friends, but we are going to lose these magical spots. The field for the perfect pictures and the safe place in the street to play. I'm glad to have these memories.