Sunday, December 21, 2014


Here we are just a few days away from Christmas. The excitement has been building. Oliver had Jesus' birthday party with his friends at school on Friday and Abriella had her "winter party" on Thursday. The kids are ready for Christmas, the parents not so much. Still a few things left to buy and then lots to wrap. I finally was able to edit the pictures from when we picked out our Christmas tree (the day after Thanksgiving!!) but haven't gotten around to even looking at the rest of the pictures from all the other fun things that we've managed to squeeze into this "most wonderful time of the year." Maybe this new year will bring some time to get all these memories organized (haha).

Anyways. I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Christmas season. I know tons of people have been getting all kinds of germs and we've been praying for health for the holidays. We started our break with three with colds and one pukey baby. Everyone is on the mend today and we hope it stays that way.

Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year!

They always find the tallest tree first and declare that to be the one. Funny thing is this one is only about a foot taller than the one we decided on this year. 

This baby (I guess she's a toddler now :(  ) is too busy to capture. 

They were making nests for animals. 

Daddy's helper. 

We found a teeny little birds nest falling out of our tree. 

Aliza was so excited to see these puppy dogs, until they came running up to her to give her kisses. 

Took about 100 shots to get this one. 

Most of them looked like this, and worse. 

Oliver was so proud he was able to help cut off some of the bottom branches. 

Our tall skinny tree. 

Always lagging behind (or getting lost). 

They humored me and let me take a few pictures of them. 

Oh the toothless grin. 

This boy is so silly. 

Don't even know what to say about this girl. 

Not chaotic at all. 

Her big girl teeth are all coming in and I am so sad about it :(

I think they were done being good sports. 

Free popcorn, hot chocolate and a free ornament to end the fun. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Apple Picking

We've had a busy fall so far. It's been fun but with Eric being on call every weekend in October we had to try to squeeze in all of our favorite activities in every available moment. We used his one Saturday off to come out to our favorite apple farm for some apple picking.

Abriella had the hardest time eating her apples with all her missing teeth.

She loves to come up with all her own poses. 

So proud of herself for climbing all the way to the top of the apple tree. 

Someone swiped her daddy's apple cider Popsicle. She wasn't even sorry!

I think we got a bit carried away since we left with over 30 lbs. of apples!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


"The days are long, but the years are short." Somehow I know have a 6.5 year old, a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I feel like we were just at the hospital, just bringing a new baby home, bouncing and rocking a colicky infant for hours, dealing with 3 year old tantrums... and now they are a year older. In a blink... I am so grateful to get to watch them grow.

Oliver, I am so proud of you. You've had a wonderful year filled with so much growth. You love talking now, to people you know, and are so funny and you know it. You have been so brave with starting preschool and going back to church even though you've been scared to say goodbye to mommy and daddy. You've really taken an interest in reading and loooove Captian Underpants (much to my chagrin). Your scooter is your favorite outdoor activity and you love your sisters!! You are such a kind, sweet, caring, generous little (I mean big) boy and I can't wait to watch you grow... just please slow down a bit. 

Aliza, what a year it has been. Full of ups and downs. You have been our most challenging baby but you bring us such joy. You are adored by your brother and sister and you pretty much think that they are the greatest thing ever. You want to do everything that they do which has led to early, well pretty much everything. You walked at 10 months old and are now climbing everything! Nothing is safe. You love cheese, crackers and squeezie pouches. You are the only one that loves all of my casseroles. Your eyes are still blue and your hair just gets lighter and lighter. You are starting to get attached to a blankie but love any bag or purse you can find. You are always on the move but can also give a good hug and kiss and cuddle. We love you so, Miss Aliza Jane and can't wait to watch you grow.
video video

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I woke up this morning, refreshed. For the first time in what seems like in forever I got a full nights sleep. Miss Aliza decided to give me the very best Mother's Day present and sleep all night in her own bed!! Yesterday the kiddos graced me with the gift of five minutes each to take their pictures... I'm pretty lucky. I also get a wonderful breakfast made by a wonderful husband and two sweet kiddos. Not sure what more I could ask for!

The kiddos who give me the title Mom: my most favorite and most difficult job ever.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to my most wonderful Mom. I wish I could spend the day with you but hope you're being pampered today. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. It's amazing to be a mom now myself and have the understanding of all the sacrifices, worries, late nights and joys that you have experienced along the way. I love you more than you could know!!

Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law. It was so nice to visit with you and I'm so glad to have you as a bonus mom :)  Thank you for all the work of raising a wonderful son who makes a terrific husband and amazing father.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, new moms, soon to be moms, moms who wish to be and to those who may not see this as a happy day... you are all in my thoughts and prayers.