Monday, July 21, 2008

Reds Game

One of the main reasons that we bought a Nikon and didn't even really bother to look at any other DSLR's is because I've had a box upstairs with some old (but mint condition) Nikkor lenses that were my Grandpa's. I always wanted to use them but just couldn't get the hang of his old camera. Well, with the Nikon you can use the old lenses in full manual camera and lense mode so I wanted a Nikon to give these lenses a whirl. They didn't deserve to just be stuck up in a box. Here is my first attempt at shooting full out manually.

Ok so this last one wasn't taken with the zoom lens, but how can you resist that adorable face? Oh, and yes she was sleeping at the game with people yelling and screaming all around her, must be nice huh.

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