Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Over the nice long weekend I was able to convince my brother and sister to pose as models for me since they came down to visit. It was so nice to have models who would actually listen and stay still!! I think I got some good shots and would have loved to have gotten some more except that my battery went dead before we were done thanks to someone playing around with it all afternoon (thanks Andy!!). Anyways, here are a few I hope you guys like them. Thanks again for modeling for me!!



I've heard a lot that my sister and I look a lot alike. I'll take that as quite a compliment ~ look at how pretty she is!!


Looking quite grown up!! Where does the time go!!


And of course I have to throw in one of my baby girl...

Flickr seems to be acting up again, things are looking overly sharp to me, sorry if they are looking that way for you too.

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