Monday, October 20, 2008


First off let me start by saying that I do love this kitty.


Max is still missing and I am going to keep beleiving that he is okay and someone else realized just how loving he is. Maybe he's being held captive in a nearby home just waiting to make his break and run back to us and one day he'll just show back up like Monica did. I can only hope, right!! Well anyways, Max was a great big brother to Abriella. He was the kitty that I saw being her good friend for a long time to come. He put up with the tail and fur pulling, the squishing and simply the in your face baby. He is the only one too. I miss him... Anyways, this picture is of Mollie, she's cute right. Yep, she's cute until she meows...her meow will literally drive you up the wall. So Max, if you want to come home and switch places with Mollie for a bit, that would be okay with me.... j/k Mollie

Kind of....

Oh, and one day Mollie came home and had lost her meow. It was the best day!!

The other troublemaker is Little Miss Abriella
I Love her

Here she is sitting all cute and innocent (don't mind the mismatched outfit and hat ~ I had just finished it and thought she should wear it)

Here she is being cute, modeling on my new "photo shoot" chair.

Here she is again.... wait what's that!!

It's the baby's first tooth!!

Here she is again (kinda funky, but I like funky)

She's still looking cute, but if you were there you would realize that she almost fell off the chair a few dozen times because she doesn't like to stay where you put her. It's good to have an assistant at times like these!!

Look at those cute teeny tiny hands.

Look at those teeny tiny boots, yep I bought her some new boots ~ size NB I might add.

Yep, I loved these boots and felt that she had to have them. Then I felt like I had to photograph her in them. So....

as I snapped this she decided to spill the entire glass of water that was on the table directly into the bag of library books, which is why there were books spread all about in the other two pictures. Troublemaker...

Oh, and I can't forget about her troublemaking at the pumpkin patch.
This pretty much sums up how she felt about it... lots of good things to chew on (or eat ~ such as pumpkins, gourds, grass, dirt...). She found the perfect size gourd, kept it, slept with it, chewed on it, and the cried miserably when she broke it yesterday and it had to go in the trash :( Such a sad, cute, troublemaking baby!!

Did I mention that I love her?!?

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