Monday, December 22, 2008

The Beautiful Christening Dress

I was so excited when the sun actually came out from behind the clouds and gave me some light to work with. It's been so gloomy for so long and I have been really missing my mini practice sessions with the baby. So I seized the opportunity to torture the baby (I mean take her picture). It really is amazing to me how uncooperative she is, but we did manage to get a few decent pictures. I'm not sure if I am done processing them or not, they still might look tinted a little blue to me?? But I love them the same.

I had promised to take her "professional" picture in her beautiful Christening dress. I actually thought they turned out okay. And a very speical thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for getting her this beautiful dress for her special day.

Such a happy baby (she had just woken up from a good long nap ~ in her crib!!!)

She was holding the cross that her Great Great Aunt Jean gave her for being born. It was the only way to keep her sitting still, to give her something to hold.

Since I already had everything set up and didn't want to torture her more than once, I decided to do an outfit change. I just had to get some pictures of her in her Christmas outfit. I got sucked into buying her one of those fancy froo froo dresses that I promised myself I wouldn't get. After seeing this I am so glad that I did. This might get printed big and then hung up every Christmas.

The coloring looks a bit funny on this one too. Not sure?!? But she still the cutest little Mrs. Claus I've ever seen. hehehe

Have a Very Merry (and safe) Christmas!!

Oh and I can't seem to find my Copyright brush so that's why these are marked. I was too lazy to make a new one (and really wanted to show her off) so for now just don't steal and I'll mark them later.

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