Monday, January 19, 2009

Uh Oh Spaghetti O's

A Lesson On How to Eat Noodles in Meat Sauce
by: Abriella

It really is quite easy... just stick with me and you'll see.

Just pick them up...

and put them in your mouth.

It's ok if you miss, just look down, search all around, and you'll find it.

Make sure you squish at least a few of them... it feels good oozing out from between your fingers.

You can try to use good manners and place it neatly in your mouth.

But really, shoving it in is so much more effective.

Do use some good manners, and don't forget to share.

Sometimes it takes a lot of concentration, but stick with it and just focus.

Scratching your head may help.

When you are finished, politely let someone know you're done.

They'll let you know what happens next...

This part might not be as fun...

Uh oh...

... wait just a minute...

... get me out of here.

Actually, next time, I may just use a spoon.

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