Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Trooper

Miss Abriella had her ear tube surgery on Tues. It went as well as it possibly could have. The procedure was so quick I hardly had any time to worry. They discharged the goofball 15 min. after waking up from the anesthesia because she was jumping up and down playing her "uh-oh" game. I sure hope this works because they said that when they went to do the surgery she still had severe double ear infections. We had to wait awhile beforehand so of course I had to snap a few pictures to remember the wonderful occasion by...

Isn't that the cutest little gown you've ever seen (not!!)

The color is way off, I was having a terrible time getting it right with the lovely hospital lights.

She couldn't eat anything all morning so as soon as she woke up they gave her a bottle of apple juice and she guzzled it down like she hadn't eaten in days... then she crashed on the way home and woke up fully recovered :)

I'm so glad it's done and am praying for a healthy baby, finally!!

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