Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At Play

I've pretty much given up. Abriella officially hates the camera unless she is the one "taking" the pictures. She wants to be behind the camera to see what shows up on the screen. I tried to tell her that I have to take her picture first for there to be something on the screen for her to look at. She didn't get it.

So I decided to not try to "pose" her. I would just put up my little "studio" set-up and set some toys out and just shoot pics of her being her.

Well that didn't go very well either. I got a few in and then she realized what I was doing. She saw the camera and picked up her toys and quietly moved them off of my set-up and continued to play. *I quit*

Here are a few I did get...

I did somehow con her into riding on the pony for a few seconds to snap a couple shots... then it was over

and that one in color too, just because I realize not everyone likes black and white as much as I do...

I'd say it was worth it though. The two black and whites of her on the horsie are some of my new faves :) I think I'm running out of ideas though!!

and here she was almost 6 months ago on her pony :( too big too fast

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