Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mini "S" Family

I wanted to share a few more from our mini photo shoot last weekend. Since I shared 6 last time and they were hoping for 5 good ones, these should be a bonus, hehe(assuming the last ones were deemed "good ones" :)

kinda bummed the bubbles are in the picture, but she wouldn't let him put them down... ever

I thought this one was too cute... they were twirling

I loved this...

and now... running free...

look at that kid go... "bubbles" she screams :)

and this pretty much sums up how the shoot went...

and our mini family was even able sneak in a family shot... thanks Mike

and what our life would be like if we had two, lol

Mini "s" family... I'll try to have them all finished up by Sun. Hope you enjoy them!!

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Mommy "S" said...

Thanks Christina! I think these are so cute considering what you had to go through to get them! LOL! Thanks so much for the great pics! It was fun! (ps: you guys look super cute with 2 kids! ha ha ha)