Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall & the Park

I love love fall. It is by far my favorite season. I'm sure I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again.. but it is very true. So far it has been a wonderful fall. I mean who can complain about the beautiful leaves, the smell in the air... and the 70 degree sunny days. I can't believe it's November and we've had picnics everyday this week and have visited the playground 3 times with nothing more than a light jacket (not even needed today) and a hat. Add the beautiful setting sun into the mix and you get some pretty amazing pics... although please excuse the mess of a Little Miss... she's all about dressing herself these days.

I didn't realize her "shoes" until I took this picture... I did make sure we fixed them... I was wondering why she kept falling down!

I have no idea where this big girl came from though. Last time I think I was able to take her to the park she barely would go down the slide... now all I have to do is walk around the perimeter and keep an eye on her... she can do it all by herself... and she lets me know it too.

And here's the beautiful light... the sun seems to set so fast now.

After a bit we went for a walk and found this "secret" spot, which apparently was frequently visited by this family. They come to feed the ducks and it was as if the ducks knew it... as soon as they came over to the bench dozens of ducks came flying over. Abriella took it upon herself to make friends with this family and they didn't seem to mind that she took half of their bread... it sure made her day :)

She even sat still for me for a few seconds :)

Every time we leave she says "Bye playground, have a good day/night, see you tomorrow" it's just about the cutest thing ever.

Oh and in case you were curious Oliver was hanging out in the SleepyWrap the whole time, cuddled up and sleeping through pretty much the whole thing. I look forward to watching him play around with his big sister here too.

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The Smith Family of 4 said...

I love her shoes. Snow boots in the fall, but hey at least they're princess snow boots! Ha! Looks like a fun time!