Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visit With Santa

This was the first year that we haven't had Santa to visit at Abriella's school. I have to say that I never expected the mall Santa to be so expensive. We're going to have to find an alternative next year. I wanted to take my own pictures so I had to pay for something they were selling. I got the cd hoping that I could do something with their pictures (I could not... they were terrible) and shot away while one child pouted, and the other squirmed in my arms. Santa was not very comfortable holding Oliver at all. So all in all my pictures turned out terrible and theirs were a waste of money. It's all about the memories though right?

Oh, and Santa had a very scary smile... hopefully next year will be better. Abriella was still super happy to have seen him, although she thought she was going to walk away from meeting Santa with a Jessie doll!

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