Thursday, February 10, 2011


A lot has been going on lately... some good, some bad. I'll share the good :)

Oliver started eating... I was trying really hard to hold him off until closer to 6 months but this kid was trying to lunge off my lap to get to the food on the table. He could not be happier that he gets to gnaw on carrots, pears, bananas and cucumber. We decided to skip the pureed mess and give him large pieces of things to gum. He is doing wonderfully and already starting to learn to "chew and swallow".

Abriella's been silly lately. She thought she was so funny taking one of her socks off at naptime.

And she's been getting into lots of trouble while I've been busy feeding Oliver...
those are tissues in my water... I should have taken a picture of my basket of yarn that's behind the couch... that's where she likes to hide while I'm preoccupied!

Oliver has been getting so big. He's sitting really well and starting to scoot backwards on his belly. I am so not ready for him to start moving!

He is such a handsome little man :)

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