Sunday, May 22, 2011

Splish Splashin'

We've had some hot hot weather here the last two days so we decided to break out the new pool. Last years pool sprung a leak sometime over the winter... and now this year we needed a pool for two :) so after pursuing Amazon for awhile I settled on this and it looks like I might have bought the last one with my Swagbucks (shameless plug). It is huge and takes up our entire backyard... but so far it seems like it was a wonderful purchase. Abriella loves the slide and enjoys the ring toss and the water filled starfish. Oliver loves the balls!! He sat there for over 30 min. just playing with the balls! I can see lots of fun be had out here in the pool this summer... I really hope it holds up.

She managed to tip the slide over her second time down... it's tied down now!

He is such a little stink :)

Getting watered by his sister... trust me, he needs no help growing

Is he not just a miniature version of his daddy!!

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