Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ice Breakers

On Sunday I got to go and visit Eric's new place of work. It wasn't quite how I had hoped to go and see him there; since it ended up being a visit to the E.R. But the people he works with were happy to meet the kiddos. I had been having some severe chest pain and left arm pain since Tues. and didn't think I should keep putting it off (since I realized that morning that I didn't think I would be able to get the kids into church by myself)... so it was church or the E.R... to the hospital we went. They did all kinds of tests on my heart and found that it all checked out ok!! which is great. They concluded it was musculoskeletal and I had injured the cartilage or muscles in my chest around my heart and could take up to 6 weeks to heal. The cause... most likely lugging around my 27 lb. 10 month old, ha! Well he's worth it I guess, but he needs to start walking soon! Since breathing and having my heart beat hurt I tried to come up with something for the kids to do that would keep them occupied and out of my hands for more than 1 minute. So we took a bunch of little objects, froze them, and then gave them a bunch of "tools" to get them out. I also made a chart for Abriella so that each time she got something out she could go check it off. They loved it and quite possibly should have worn safety goggles because they both really took turns giving the ice a good beating.

They thoroughly enjoyed this and sat out there for quite sometime whacking and rubbing and "cutting" away at the ice to get their little treasures out. We did have to take a break in the middle though because it was taking a bit too long to melt. (If I did this over again I would probably make the ice about half this size) Oliver enjoyed the hammer but was happier chipping away at it with his spatula... he's a weird little kiddo, lol.

I am so happy to say that after a couple of days of Aleve, heating pads and rest I am feeling almost 100% again. Hopefully no more issues and no more emergency visits to the hospital!!

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