Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Berry, Two Berry...

pick me a blueberry. We have been wanting to go blueberry picking ever since we went strawberry picking and had been waiting patiently for them to ripen. We called twice and they kept telling us maybe the next week... well Eric started his training and was too busy to go so before we knew it we called and they said they were all done! I was so disappointed but we just decided to go pick raspberries instead (we got lucky because we went on the last day of the summer season for picking). We went back to the farm where we picked strawberries, early in the morning, and came home with 5 lbs. of red and black raspberries. Yum!

Oliver was a grump at the red raspberries. I didn't really get to pick them because I had to take him back to the car and feed him. He was a happier camper after that.

Abriella's didn't care much about the berries (as usual)... she has just been a bouquet picking machine :) She would pick every single "flower" on the entire farm if we let her.

See... much happier camper.


Oliver is already taking after his sister... the refusal for pictures has begun :( Time to go home.

Not sure if anyone knew it or not but the title of the post was from the book "Jamberry" if you haven't read it to a little one you really should. It's one of Abriella and my favorite books to read and couldn't be more fitting.

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