Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. Postman

Abriella has been very interested in the mail lately. She loves to go out to the mailbox and get the mail as well as show off how big she is by slipping the mail into the slot to mail letters (and bills). She can't wait to see if the mailman has brought anything good for her when her daddy brings it in and she has been talking and talking about mailing letters to her friends. So yesterday we set up a "mailbox" for her to write letters to her friends. I gave her an old set of envelopes I found and let her go to town... I didn't realize quite how into it she would get and she has used almost all of the envelopes in the 50 set pack! Not only is she mailing "letters" she is mailing her friends toys and treasures that she thinks they would like. It got lots of use today as well and I see it being a hit for awhile. The only problem is she keeps trying to steal my stamps to use them for "stickers".

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