Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Little Things

I fell in love with photography because it gave me the opportunity to capture the little things... the things that I know I will forget but I want to always remember... Like...
When Oliver ate the blue marker tip. I want to remember how his favorite game was to find all the crayons and markers that his sister left lying around, snatch them up, look at us to make sure we saw him being naughty... and then high tail it out of there to see if he could get away. How if he was sneaky enough he was able to enjoy a few nibbles of yummy wax... or simply stain his mouth completely blue. I want to remember how Abriella loves go out and jump in puddles... big or little it doesn't matter.
I want to remember that as a 3 year old she always has her own idea of how to do everything (she decided she needed to wear her socks on her hands to keep them dry so she could hold the umbrella) ... though I'm not sure this attitude will change how she would bend down so far and try with all her might...
to make the biggest splash she possibly could...
I want to remember her love for books and writing. How you could give her a stack of papers and she would be content for... well a long time for a 3 yr. old.
how she makes her E... with as many horizontal lines as she can fit on the vertical one... why do three when you can fit at least five
her concentration when she's "busy"
and her little hands when they are oh so busy making the book for you to read... and then to scatter all over the house.
I want to remember how Oliver throws such a fit when he wants to go outside. How it was pouring down rain and he just couldn't be contained and had to run out and play.
and then smeared sand all over the screen and the door.
These are the moments that fill my memory card, hard drive and photo books and I absolutely love that I have them. They are my favorite memories and I can't wait to make more of them!

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