Thursday, March 15, 2012

Abriella's 4th Birthday

Finally. We've had a lot going on around here and I am finally getting around to posting Abriella's birthday pictures. I am really disappointed in my "before the party" pictures. I always have these grand ideas in my head of taking all these detail shots before the party gets started. Well, I am usually down to the minute setting things out so the few snaps I took are all I'm going to get. Got to be better about that since I didn't even get half the decorations in the shots! Her Royal Highness wanted a Pink Princess Party... and we obliged!

There was (I wish you could see it better) a Rapunzel's tower "pinata".

Decorate your own magic wands.

Pink popcorn, pink lemonade and pink pink pink cupcakes.

Fancy princess crowns.

And pretty princesses.

This girl was not shy with her present opening. She couldn't even wait 5 minutes after everyone arrived to start tearing into them. There was wrapping paper flying everywhere and tissue paper up in the air over her shoulder... nothing could keep her from her presents.

Oliver is not one to mess with either. We've been keeping with the tradition that they get a present on the others birthday's since it is their half birthday.

Oliver loved decorating his magic wand but only enjoyed licking the sprinkles and icing off. I was told that Eric was doing frosting shots straight from the can with all of the kiddos. Great... so mature!

I love how excited the kids get about everything at this age. She asked for her birthday song and candles for each meal of her party day and her birthday. So stinkin' cute!

The beautiful princesses... best friends!

Happy Birthday, My Princess!!

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