Thursday, April 12, 2012


So not the best start to getting back on track, but we've had a lot going on. Easter was a low-key affair since Eric worked the two nights before Easter so he spent most of the day sleeping. I got to cuddle with lots of babies in the nursery at church in the morning and then we settled in for some downtime until Easter dinner. Nice quiet family time. The kids woke up early ready to go for the egg hunt that took them over 45 minutes to complete.

This is Oliver squealing "candy" to his sister. 

Oliver's strategy was find, open, eat... none of the eggs made it into his basket.
 Abriella found a new Tag book that the Easter Bunny hopped up to the high window.

Oliver received "Ants in His Pants" and they enjoyed playing for a good 2 minutes. 

Evidence of Oliver

Most of our eggs made it... Oliver threw a few while coloring... one was too badly wounded to be colored. 

Silly bands were found in some eggs... can't have too much candy!

The guilty look of the candy thief. 

The day before Easter we went to an Easter Egg hunt that our church was putting on with a neighboring town. It was by far the nicest hunt we've been too... plenty of eggs for everyone, nice prizes (we didn't win but they were nice), free hotdogs, drinks, chips, popcorn... lots of free fun games and even face painting. They really went all out and everyone enjoyed.

Because I can't show up anywhere on time, we missed Oliver's age group so I just sent him out with the 3-4's he's big and can hold his own.

Waiting... somewhat patiently

And she's off. 

"Ummm... what am I supposed to be doing?"

Got one. 

"Umm... what am I supposed to be doing?"
 He did get one and Abriella got enough to be happy. We played some games, had some lunch and Abriella got the Easter Bunny on her cheek. Good day!

 And just because these have to be shared... (thank you LPV photographer)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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