Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tutus and Baby Legs...

I've been in a crafty mood lately and my model for these crafts are of course my wonderful daughter (who can't complain about it, yet). Here are a few pics of her in her tutu and baby legs that I made. I only have a handful of the many that I took that I like. I learned the hard way last night that different lighting sources do not mix well, and when you shoot in RAW make sure you're going to be able to see them on the computer. Oh well, I tried to make do with what I had... let me know what you think.
Pics 004_1
Now anytime I get out the camera she comes right at me; makes getting a good pic difficult.

Pics 001_1

Pics 023_soft glow
Still not sure if I like the processing on this one, but I really do like the idea.

Pics 034
This one is my fav by far.

I also have been crocheting hats, I gave the one I made away already so I'll have to post some pics with my model when I get some more made. If anyone else has any good ideas of things to make send them my way.

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