Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Bug

I still have the crafty bug and don't feel like it's going to go away anytime soon, especially since I am loving the look of the hats that I have made. Sorry about the terrible quality of the pictures, the sun hasn't been out lately and I refuse to use the flash, so bad lighting = bad pics.

Pics 029_1
This is a diaper cake that I made for our friends baby shower... They are too fun to make, this just might be the gift that anyone who has a baby gets.

I really should post a pic of a cuter hat, but here is her Browns hat which was requested by her daddy. I think I might change it up a bit I don't really like the orange around the bottom. Actually I don't really like orange and brown at all, but I still think she looks cute.

And just because I want to post some decent pics, here are some that are still my favorites (even if they were taken with the old point & shoot).

I'm still mad that I cut the top of her head off, I would have framed this one.



tub collage

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