Monday, November 10, 2008

The End of Fall

They say that practice makes perfect. I'm not trying to achieve perfection with my pics but I would really like to practice. This time change is for the birds. Now as soon as I get home the sun is setting. Without the sun it's hard to take any pics. I've been wanting to get some pretty fall pictures ever since the leaves started changing. So finally this weekend I drug the baby out into the cold overcast windy weather (it was 70+ all week)to attempt to take do a mini photo shoot with her. Well, it had rained the day before which had left all the tree naked and most everything looking brown. Not really what I had hoped for. So after awhile of searching (not too long because it was awfully cold) I found one little tree that looked like it had just lost its beautiful leaves. So this is what we got. I tried some different processing and am still not sure what I think. I'd love to hear some thoughts!!
This is what we affectionately call her "cabbage patch face".

I'm still not sure how I feel about this as a black and white. She looks too big though. She started walking on Thurs. (well walking while pushing Hungry Hippo) where did my little baby go?!?

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abbikelley said...

This is Abbi Kelley, I was wondering if you could make my daughter (due in march) a cute little hat like abriella's? I'll pay you, and buy the yarn. Just tell me the kind i need to purchase. Thanks so much