Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Update... Finally some Halloween pics!

This was Trick Or Treat at Abrie's school. For some reason she was the only one who dressed up. (It was Eric's day off work so I made him dress her up,take her in and take some pics.)

just in case you hadn't seen the tail...

BFF... trick or treating together. They both look so interested and Abriella looks like she is picking her nose. *Great*

Then, 15 min. after we started, we were done and had to take a few more pics of the two cuties together.

Eating socks is so much fun. (Well they couldn't eat the candy!)

Alright, I guess that's enough. (Oh and I spared you all the unfortunate eye poking incident picture ~ be grateful.)

Just wanted to say...

Go Bucks!!!

I've been wanting to update for awhile but haven't gotten our Halloween pics ready yet. So hopefully soon, here's one in the meantime. Abriella got to go with her best friend Eliana and here are the boys taking them up to there very first house to Trick O' Treat.

more to come soon, I hope...

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