Thursday, January 15, 2009


I'm a planner. Or at least I try. I always want to know the outcome of things or exactly how the day will turn out. I like to be ahead in the game and am not always a fan of surprises. Yet, somehow no matter how much of a planner I try to be and how much I want to be ahead in the game, things just doesn't seem to work out the way I think it should. For example, I wake up last Sat. to the baby, I know she's not feeling well so my plan is the dr. that day. :( Yet, I listen to the two messages already on my phone and next thing I know we are the proud owners of this:

Yep, Eric found the ice on Sat and the Camry is no longer... As we sat in the dealership last night deciding whether or not to buy the last '08 Hyundai Tucson Eric decided he needed to call my dad for an extra bit of advice (which I think is awfully cute, by the way). He said that it sounded good as long as we stick to our plan. Which brings me to the point of all this rambling... plans are hard to stick to. It's not that we are bad at sticking to the plans, it just seems that plans are really bad at sticking to us!!

Anyways... I really just wanted to share some more pictures. Just a few snaps that I happen to love.
I just loved these shots and would love to hang this storyboard. She loves her daddy.
Another of the set that I liked.
Getting so big...
Trying to escape to climb the stairs... BIG TROUBLE
I softened this one but now I'm not sure I love it after looking at it on here. Thoughts?!?

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