Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! ~ Take 2

So I thought I would share Abriella's first ever birthday with you along with take two of the cake smash. I hope you enjoy! :)

She was so excited she even started the day off early!!

Being one is tough. Library storytime takes a lot out of you.

She got to open up her present.

Her own little chair to read all of her books.
Does this face mean she likes it?!?

And after all this fun, she got her favorite dinner at the OG (cheese ravioli, minestrone, and breadsticks). Then to top it all off a singing Happy Birthday and her very own cake.
Please don't mind the greasy hair from all the soup and ravioli that found it's way there.

And now, cake smash attempt two. I even got her her own little strawberry shortcake supreme and again, she could have cared less.

At least there was no screaming, and I liked my pictures better with my faux studio setup.

I got one shot of her in her hat.

and then...
yeah, it was over.

she even offered to share...

the only bite she took.

and last but not least, my favorite

now the only thing left is her big birthday bash!!

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