Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

I can't believe it's been a whole year. It seem like just yesterday that she looked like this

she was so sweet and cuddly.

I miss that, but at the same time I love that she is so interactive now and her own little person. Everyday she makes me smile.

We attempted a cake smash photo session and lets just say it didn't go over very well. I have decided I hate white backdrops and will never do them again (at least until I actually know how to make them look right). And she hated the frosting and the paper. I got this...

and then it quickly went to this...

I took some more but most of them were of her screaming and trying to get away. It wasn't a very pleasant experience. Hopefully the next try will go better.

Here are just a few more.
I thought kids were supposed to like cake and sugar?!?

I don't know why she hated the feeling of the frosting.

this was the part that ended up with the most cake on it, she stepped right into in as she was trying to run away.

It was so cute that even after she calmed down and was playing she had frosting lining her top lip.

Tonight we are taking her out to dinner so she can get her favorite meal: Cheese Ravioli and veggies. Her present came today and she got to go to storytime at the library. Hopefully she has a great birthday and a great 2nd year.

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