Monday, March 16, 2009

Visit to the Aquarium

Last week was Eric's spring break so we took advantage of our one whole day together as a family (this never happens) and took Abriella to the Newport Aquarium. We weren't sure how it was going to go since she was tired and grumpy to begin with and the only time we could really go was during her nap. She actually ended up doing really well and I think she had a really good time. Here are a few pics of the day (actually quite a lot of pics actually, sorry I couldn't narrow them down) I had fun taking pictures but the lighting was terrible so I tried to make them look the best I could.

She was in awe...

I love how she was trying to poke his nose, that's what she does to the cats too.

She didn't understand that you couldn't take the stuff in the touch and feel pool with you!?!

I think he was the creepiest thing that I saw!! I"m glad he was behind glass.

One of the highlights for her was pushing the stroller around.

This was the grossest thing we saw. Look at that neck.

Ok, no this was the creepiest thing we saw!! This is why I don't like swimming in anything besides a pool.

This turtle was absolutely huge.

He was yawning :)

She was so excited to go to the frog bog. She was skipping ;)

These are my favorite. They are so cute even if they are poisonous!

She was so cute with these big frogs. You could push a button on the back of them and they each made different sounds. She kept running back and forth between the two to press their buttons.

Sweet Pea (or Scooter, you can't tell from this pic). I feel like their eyes look so sad :(

And last but not least, the Penguins (just for Jenny :P)

We also rounded out the fun filled day with a visit to the park. It was my first time seeing her at the park so of course I had to take some pictures. I'll post them later on though, I think this post has more than enough pictures (sorry!!) Thanks for looking. I wish we could have more days like this, it was perfect!

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