Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day at the Park

Abriella is getting so big. She now walks, no make that runs, everywhere. Her crawling days are already behind her and there is so little baby left. She is now a full out toddler, who really doesn't toddle all that much anymore. Eric took her to the park a few weeks ago and I missed it so after the aquarium and the nap attempt we took her over since it was an absolutely beautiful day. Here are some pics of the big girl.

It was really windy out, and it made it quite amusing to watch her wispy hair.

I think she was sad that she wasn't bigger. She wanted to follow the big kids around and do all the things they were doing.

Picking up and carrying the mulch was one of the highlights.

This was her favorite slide. It is really bumpy and not enjoyed by mom or dad.

I love the way she is running into her Daddy's arms. We put her in the baby swing but she much preferred to swing with one of us.

I took her back again on both Tues. and Wed. and had to take a few more. I really didn't get many because I was by myself and she is hard to keep up with as it is.

We took her ball this time because the last time she kept trying to swipe a little boys soccer ball. Oh and how do you like that outfit by the way, those are the tiniest tennis shoes I could find (and they are still a little big).

This one just melts my heart, look at that precious face playing peek-a-boo.

It was pretty warm this day too, so once we got home there's nothing like a nice cold pear popsicle.

and just a few more because she's too photogenic not to share...

She has her Daddy's eyes and I just love them sooo much.

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