Monday, April 27, 2009

Flowers and Cheerios and Piggie Tails, Oh My

Just to warn you I have lots of pics I want to share so I hope you enjoy large pictures posts :)

I love spring, I think it just my be my favorite season. I just wish we were actually to experience it. So far this spring has brought snow, warm weather along with rain, 90 degree heat (no fun) and them some more rain. I want a sunny 65 degree day with a nice gentle breeze, is that so much to ask for? Anyways, here are a few more flowering tree pics from the day that was closet to the one I described.

I love this one and would make it my computer background if I didn't insist on having Miss Abriella's picture on there.

I also have to share how big my little baby is getting. Eric said to me the other day that there really isn't much baby left in her which of course made my heart hurt just a little. But it's so true. She now tells us what she wants (quite forcefully at times), runs around, and even now has hair enough to have these:
yes, that's my lens cap, and no, I have no idea why she does this

She's also big enough to throw tantrums and run away. I had all these wonderful images in my head of some spring pictures of her and this is all I got...
this would have been ok without the leaf, but then she wouldn't have stayed there for 0.00002 seconds.

ah yes, the lens cap again.

I actually really like this one, but I won't zoom in to show you what her face really looks like because then you might not like it anymore.

It looked something like this "if you take one more picture, I'm going to get you with this stick" face. Attitude much!?!

ok, this one is actually really cute :)

but no matter how big and ornery she gets I'll always love her so much, and probably even more (if that's possible) I mean who could not love this?

and this

and this

and once again, the only way to get her to stay in one spot

If you made it this far I applaud you. I have even more if you can believe it but I think I'll save them for another post!! Thanks for looking!

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Bryan - Live Video Specialist said...

I love your pics!! You have a great talent! I love the shallow depth of field, colors and shot composition. And of course Abriella is a beautiful subject. I look forward to you shooting Spencer one of these days! See ya!