Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some New Faves... Elmo Live

The day finally arrived. Elmo Live Day!! Well it was actually last Sat. and Abriella had so much fun. She squealed so loud when we finally made it into the auditorium after all the fighting with the manager. (I hate Kentucky) They wouldn't let us take our camera in and so these are the only shots that we were able to get of the best day of her life!!
watching Elmo's World to get ready for the fun day!!

"Abriella, where's your nose?"

"Can you put your pants on?"

I just loved this dress and couldn't wait for her to wear it, she was less than thrilled with the pic though!

This is my new all time favorite pic of the baby girl. She never uses a paci so I have no idea why she stuck it in her mouth but it makes her look so sweet and still a little bit little. The color is my fave but I'm also in love with the b/w.

And now for the show... She was so in awe of real live Elmo. She was dancing (which for her is swinging her arms back and forth and clapping) and then throughout the show she would throw her head back and put her arm up in the air with one finger pointing up. I think she was thanking God for bringing her to see her true love! :) I am still so devastated that I didn't get any pics of this because (if you couldn't tell) pictures are such an important part of my life. But anyways...

How do you like the exploding Big Bird :)

And finally, the excitement took so much out of her. She *gasp* fell asleep in the car.
So sweet!!

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