Friday, May 8, 2009

Take a Minute, Check This Out

I stumbled upon this and couldn't not share. I just made me grin from ear to ear, what a great start to the day :) Remember to turn off the music at the bottom if you watch it (which you really should).

And don't worry, I won't go a whole post without a few new pics of the Little Miss:

Here are a few from my latest attempt at a photo shoot. It started to rain almost as soon as we got to this spot (right down from the playground where I was going to let her play if she was good :) well she wasn't very good and it started to rain, so oh well). I only took 6 shots, which never happens, and thought that these two turned out ok. I plan to go back when it's nicer out and stick her in a basket, or suitcase, or flower pot :) so she can't run away!!

I really liked this one, even though she's not looking at me. She was doing the itsy-bitsy spider :)

She got mud on her hands :(

This was what she was doing most of the time, well usually running the opposite direction of me but still, not cooperating.

And I just had to share this one. Abriella and I were out doing some errands last weekend and we saw all these little goslings walking across the parking lot. I've never seen this many before. Aren't they cute!

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