Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Little Bit Vintage

I had really wanted to do another photo shoot with Abriella in her beautiful asian outfit from her Aunt Kristen and set up this shoot and thought the pictures looked great on my camera and then uploaded them to my computer. Her hair was glowing yellow!!! Lesson learned, don't wear a bright yellow shirt to take pictures. So I was frantically trying to edit them to get them to look right and I wasn't having much success. I also just attempted to calibrate my monitor and everything looks kind of wacky. Then I stumbled upon a wonderful action, from a photographer I really look up to, and I tried it out and voila!! It saved me. Hopefully you enjoy them too!!

I don't have a lot of variety because this is they face that she wants to make all the time.

It doesn't help that when I say "smile" she thinks I'm saying smell, and this is what I get.

and my other saving grace on crazy colors, black and white!!

And a pic of they only way I was able to get her to stay there for more than .25 seconds.... Cheerios!!

again, I just attempted to get my monitor to match up to printed pics and have no idea if I'm even close so I hope you're not seeing anything too crazy!! Thanks for looking!!

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