Monday, June 29, 2009

On a Hot Saturday Afternoon

I was lucky to meet up with a fellow photographer (not that I consider myself a real photographer, but you know) that I met on my I Love Photography board at a nearby park and gardens. It was so hot and severely lacking in shade but we still managed to wrangle the kids for a few decent shots. Abriella was her normal uncooperative self when placed in front of the camera, but this time I'll let it slide since she's getting her last molar and it looks like post-op surgery in her mouth :(

I would say it was an overall success and a fun time to meet up with someone who shares so many of my same interests!! Her son was so cute and it was so fun to snap pics of someone other than the Little Miss.

Her are some of Mr. Jacob and his beautiful blue eyes!!

I mean seriously, how cute is he!?!

He was putting leaves in the little fountain and watching them travel down. Abriella almost fell in!!

Suckers are wonderful bribing tools, lol. Abriella had her first one too and she seriously thought it was the best thing ever.

He loved jumping off all the rocks!!

and of course a few of the Little Miss...

She loved that sucker, but most of it ended up on her dress, hehe!!

and just one sneak peek of the next post...

I made this "knot dress" for Abriella and just had to get out and do a shoot with it. Just a sneak peek, and I'm pretty sure this is the best face I got...

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Melissa, Kevin, and Jacob said...

we had a great day as well!! Abriella was so sweet and I think she did pretty good...

can't wait to see more of that knot dress.. it is adorable from what I can see!