Monday, August 31, 2009

Drummer Girl

Since we finally made friends with one of our neighbor's (kids) of course it is fitting that they move. Abriella loves hanging out with them so it is a bit sad. I guess they went to Chicago for two weeks and the little girl talked about Abriella the whole time they were there :) Since they were moving they were going through all of their things and found this to give to Abriella...

A great big *thanks* for that. LOL. Actually she loves the drums and I think her uncle Andy would be proud. They also gave her two pretty teeny tiny bracelets that I want to insist that she wears, but every time I put them on she says "pretty" and then tries to rip it off... oh well.

I also wanted to let everyone who reads my blog know. that.....

I Love You!!

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