Thursday, September 17, 2009

For the Love of Peanut Butter

When Abriella was born one of my biggest fears for her was that she would be allergic to everything (well not everything, but a lot of things). This may seem silly to some, but with our two families combined we have a pretty decent list of allergies that she could inherit, especially when some of them are mild to moderate anaphalatic type reactions. And all too soon we realized that some of these "fears" were coming true... she was allergic/intolerant to dairy as a baby... had a terrible reaction (screaming fits) when we gave her her first baby cereal... and basically had a stuffy runny nose for the first year of her life. Well, she's outgrown those allergies but now has to suffer the seasonal ones...

but then there was the big test... the one that I was so afraid of... PEANUTS!! I made Eric do it a few months after she turned one... when I wasn't home... what a good mom am I... I was too scared she would swell up like that girl who ate the gum on Willy Wonka... but you know what, she was fine!!

And by the looks of it... I think she is in love!!

now the only thing left is shellfish!!

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