Friday, October 30, 2009

At the Farm... again

We have been living it up at the farms recently. It seems like there is always something to do there. This time we met up with our church group and had a blast at this huge farm with all kinds of play areas for the kiddos. Abrie got to hang out with her bff which is always a plus, and we got to visit with some friends.

They had a huge wooden ship to play in/on... that had the fastest slide ever

A giant pile of dirt... I mean because who doesn't love climbing a giant pile of dirt

and then running down...

and then face planting because you were running too fast with your daddy (don't worry she got up and brushed it off)

playing peek-a-boo with her friend (I love how happy my baby is)

checking out the bunnies

I loved the way the pigs just pile up on top of eachother.

Being quizzed in the corn. The girls knew almost all the abc pictures.

Hi friend!

cookin' weenies by the fire...

the group...

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