Monday, November 16, 2009

My Baby and Me

I hate being on the other side of the camera.... but the main reason that I love photography is that it captures a moment in time and gives you something to look back on and remember. So in effort to let my daughter know that I was there while she was growing up and there aren't just pictures of her, and her and her daddy I asked Eric to get behind the camera and take some pictures of us. He got a few keepers and even though I don't love seeing me in pictures... I do love seeing us... favorite!!

my other favorite...

I wish her expression was a bit different in this one... but I'll take it :)

I think he did a pretty good job... I know I'll treasure these.

All taken by Eric and edited by me!! (and that's the last time you'll see me, lol)


LC said...

Those were soooo good! I love them! and I love the pink boots! : )

Bryan - Live Video Specialist said...

great pics! as always. great job Eric! Hey I miss you guys. stop by sometime