Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Photos

I know I've said it before... but I love fall. I love the sight of it, the smell of it, and usually the feel of it. I also think that it is the best season for photographs. The trees make such a pretty background and the lighting is generally much prettier... or at least that is what I think. I've been trying for the last two years to get some family pictures taken in the fall and pretty much failed both years. We don't have a lot of "family" time anyways but then it seems that it was always raining or dark and cloudy or someones been sick and we miss the short time frame to get the beautiful pictures. Since last year we didn't get any at all I was determined to make it out this year. Well we made it but of course not until after all the pretty colors were gone and almost all the leaves were off the trees. I am still pretty happy with the results though.

It was a tricky shoot though since Abriella wasn't feeling well and I forgot the remote control for the camera at home. Lots of running back and forth so not quite as many family shots to choose from as I had hoped.

I am so happy with this one though. (edited to fix color... I shouldn't edit so late at night!!)

I have the hardest time getting decent expressions out of Abriella. She never wants to smile at the camera and as hard as I try I seem to get these blank stares all too often. I still love them though.

I also get weird faces!!

and some fun... we were supposed to take some of Abriella and I together but forgot. I really need to do that sometime.

serious face

Eric was throwing Grover up in the air... we're lucky he didn't get stuck in a tree.

weird face...

love her

back to hanging out in the wagon with daddy's sunglasses

Ok, well that was a bit of oversharing... I had a hard time choosing.

Also, I never do this but got an email about a photo contest and I decided to enter one of these pictures of Abriella in it. You can win the contest by the judges choosing but can also get votes. So if you have a second I would love it if you voted for the best picture out there :P Thanks!! VOTE

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LC said...

The first picture of you guys as a family is perfect! It should totally be the christmas card pic this year! : )