Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick o' Treat

So I know I'm late (it takes me too long to edit the pictures) but I wanted to share our Halloween!! It was the best one yet... being that last year we made it about a half hour and the girls didn't have any idea what was going on.

This year we got the BFF's back together again and they were ready to hit the street.

They did a great job waiting their turn...

and waiting...

but as soon as Abriella saw what they were getting out of this she right up there with them... they both were saying trick o' treat (Abriella whispering... Eliana shouting) and of course please and thank you!!

this one was a bit scary, but with Daddy's by their side they did ok

Abriella got so excited that she took off running, fell, and both her shoes popped off!!

they were mesmerized by this floating skull...

my little Pink Dragon

they even got candy from the ambulance

And here are the bff's...last year...

and now, where did our babies go??

Also, on Halloween, Abriella and I painted a pumpkin... but that's for a whole other post :)

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