Thursday, December 3, 2009


So I've been behind in blogging again. It is hard for me to be motivated when it gets cold. I haven't had as much time or desire to really pick up the camera so I haven't had much to post. I thought I would share a bit about our Thanksgiving though. We had a nice visit with family and best of all Abriella was feeling fine and doing great. She loved seeing her Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunt Kristen and Uncle Andy and she's so looking forward to seeing Aunt Jenny at Christmas. She's so cute about how she talks about them and has a different word for them. Right now anytime you talk about Grandma or Grandpa she says home, when you talk about Uncle Andy she says piano, Jenny she says land (Ireland I guess?) and Kristen it is chair (sorry Kristen... did you read her books in the chair?) I love though that she can remember everyone and thinks and talks about them. I wish we could see everyone more often.

We did go to a museum while we were visiting, and after getting over the initial terror of the dinosaurs I think Abriella had a good time. I always like museums.

she could have stayed and played with these balls the whole day

I even managed to sneak in a picture.

Abriella loved the little trains that were going around the track. Every little bit they had these little scenes set up... it reminded me I had better start on my shopping :)

Something else that I thought was fun was when we were at my parents I took Abriella down to see my "old" drums (that are now being loved there for the moment) and she had a blast banging away on them. She just looked so cute (I even caught a little video of it).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is getting into the wonderful spirit of Christmas.

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