Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

I was excited to get our tree this year. For the past several years we have just gotten a pre-cut tree from the local Boy Scouts. But this year we thought it would be fun to take Abriella and cut down our own. So we found a tree plantation and in the few spare minutes that we have together set out to claim our tree. It was getting dark but they said they were open till 7pm so I figured they would have lights and I was looking forward to taking some nice pictures of our first family tree cutting. Well... we get off the wagon ride and they driver says we're his last ride and to be careful because it's dark and they're are no lights... great!!

I managed to get this one shot before the sun completely set...

and here are some other pictures of our adventure

Abriella loved riding in the big tree sled, she didn't want to give it up to the tree


I even managed to get in a pic

This was the tree Abrie wanted. It was just her size.

We had to follow the star to get back.

Abriella could have stood there and watched that train go around in circles for hours!!

Once we got the tree home Abriella was so excited to have it in the house. It was hard to get her to stop touching it and flinging needles everywhere. It was even worse when it came to the ornaments.
She got some practice putting ornaments on since she got one to make at church that morning.
We didn't get to decorate the tree till the next evening and I wish you all could have seen the look on Abriella's face when I got all the goodies to put on the tree out. Her favorite was the gold beads as you can see... they didn't make their way onto the tree

You have to be really careful what you say to toddlers. I told her to stop touching the lights and to look with her eyes not with her hands...

she was so big putting her ornaments on (and then taking them off... and then putting them random places around the room)

I just thought she looked cute here...

And you have to have some hot chocolate in a sippy cup while decorating the tree (she had her first taste the night before when getting the tree... one sip turned into screaming of "MORE CHOCOLATE")...

She got to put the star ontop...

And you can see it's perfect :)

and that's our tree this year!!

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