Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Snow Fun

I love snow pictures. Eric doesn't seem to understand. I told him that I wanted to take some more pictures of Abriella in the snow and he said that I had already taken some so we should just go out and play. Well I did take some the other day but now we have a lot more snow and plus it was snowing, and snow pictures are much different than snowing pictures. So at the risk of not getting any because the snow was supposed to stop that night we went out when I got back from work and took as many as I could before it got too dark... which was about 15 minutes worth... I was fairly happy with the results :)

(even if she looks grumpy)

Catching snowflakes...
She wanted to go all the way down the hill...
I got one frame of pure joy... and then...
this is how it ended :(

I love her...
especially for things like this :)
She thinks she's so funny!!
She wanted to build a snowman but the snow wasn't good packing snow. So Eric kept making her piles of snow and she would put sticks in them and announce that they were "SNOWMAN"

How can you not love the snow!?!

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