Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Last Snow Pictures

Or they better be. I am so over the snow, yet it just keeps coming. I can't wait for the green warmth of spring. To go outside without jackets, scarves, mittens... to feel warm!! Since it snowed last night (yet again) I decided to make the best of it and took Miss Abrie out in her beautiful dress to get some of these pretty soft photos.

Don't worry... she had on 3 shirts, 2 tights, socks, boots, the hat and mittens and we only made it out for about 10 minutes :) She was happy to oblige my request for pictures with the promise of chocolate covered raisins :)

My Favorite!! (I just wish I had gotten one of her petting Phoebe)

She's such a goof!

This week's her birthday!! I need to do some 2 year portraits. I'm not ready!! She started calling me "mom". Can't she stay little forever?

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