Thursday, March 4, 2010

Your 2-Year-Old: Handling Big Emotion

That is the title of the email I woke up to this morning. It's Abriella's birthday today and we had all kinds of fun things planned. Even though I planned all these things and knew that it was her birthday I wasn't ready for the acknowledgment of the fact that she really is two! It's been a crazy wonderful whirlwind of two years and I'm so lucky to have this little miss.

Her day started with waking up early and being grumpy... always a good start to your birthday. She had a birthday breakfast date with daddy at the Waffle House and then got to share her birthday cupcakes with her class at school. By dinner she had a tummy ache and her favorite Olive Garden dinner didn't go over too well. Finally she got to open a present or two and watch her special birthday video.

Here is year two in the life of the little miss...

I hope my baby girl had a great birthday in spite of the grumpiness and I can't believe she's two... even with her "big emotion" I have to say I love her a little bit more each day!!

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