Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ellie - 3 Months

I hope you remember this precious baby girl. I was lucky enough to get to do her newborn pictures and now she's 3 months old already. It's amazing how fast they grow. It was so fun to go back and get some more pictures of her and see first hand how she's growing. So here's a sneak peek of her 3 month shoot.

L family I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and can't wait to get you the rest of the shots of your sweet baby girl.


MegandMag said...

I go to school with Eric. You are SO talented. I think Eric mentioned you were self taught. Any good book reccs? Also I keep telling Eric we need to get our families together sometime....It would be great to meet yo in person!

kelleycn said...

Thanks so much! I would recommend any books by Bryan Peterson... especially "Understanding Exposure" it's a great book on learning the basics of how your camera works. I'd love to get together sometime! Eric's always talking about you guys but I've never met anyone from his classes, lol!

MegandMag said...

I have that book. I used to do a lot with photography when I was in high school. Enter contests and such. I have a nice DSLR Nikon D90, and a Canon A1 film. But now nursing school and the three kids consumes my life! :) Your pictures are great. Yep, I told Eric to just let us know. Now that it is getting nice we could go to the park or somewhere!