Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Or at least for the moment. You never know here in Ohio what the weather may be like. It was beautiful this past weekend and as we went outside to play Abriella kept asking about the snow. Eric told her that there probably wouldn't be anymore snow... and she cried. You know the whole completely fake head thrown back and then eyes into the hands sort of whining wail... it's too funny to be sad. Although I would love to say we are on to warmer weather and done with the snow you never can tell. All I can say is that it was 70, mostly sunny and gorgeous. I was ready to get the camera back out and snap some outside pics. So that's what we did :)

I love this pic of the two of them but wish Abrie had a different expression on her face. Eric was trying to tickle her... and she was trying to get away :)

Flying High! I wish you could hear her squeals of delight.

My little model :)

She was instructed to throw grass at me by her daddy...

I don't know exactly what they were doing, but I love her expression!




Such a goof

I asked her to go pet Phoebe... as soon as she got close Phoebe started to run away.. this is the face I got (Priceless!!)

Sorry for oversharing. I was just so happy to get back outside I was a little trigger happy :) It seems like she didn't mind there being no snow!

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