Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter. Ours was very nice, quick but nice. Abriella and I were able to spend it with my family and it was so nice to visit. We did an Easter Egg Hunt the weekend before and Abriella was so overwhelmed she asked to leave before they had even started the "hunt".

Our family hunt went a whole lot better. She loved everything about it (especially the candy)

She also had the prettiest dress that was gifted to us. She thought she was a princess in and I was even able to convince her to let me take a few pictures of her being a princess.

She loves the piano... she kept climbing up, banging a bunch of keys and singing ABC's

Getting just one more with Grandma was a bit like pulling teeth... but this pic makes up for it :)

Oh did I mention that she loves candy!!

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