Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation - Part 2

The second day on vacation was quite cool and breezy (not much like this week where the temps are around 105). We went on the boat ride in the morning, walked the boardwalk for a bit and then grabbed some lunch at a spot recommended by my family. It was a nice lunch right out over the water and the Little Miss almost fell overboard again because she just can't sit still.

Eric was the only one who ventured to the beach and Abrie and I hung out at the hotel to try to take a nap. Obviously she didn't take much of one and fell asleep on the way to dinner. It was such a nice dinner :) The other picture on top is a picture of her friend Sharky. I thought she'd be terrified of him but she loved him and wanted to visit him every time we went to the boardwalk. She is still talking about her friend Sharky.

After dinner we walked the boardwalk and found a little amusement park and debated for quite a while about letting the Little Miss ride her first ride. I thought it would either go really well and she'd love it or she would freak out and try to jump out of the puppy dog. That idea really scared me but luckily she absolutely loved it. I don't know if I've ever seen her quite so happy. I have about 30 shots of her just grinning from ear to ear waving like she was the queen. She had to ride it twice and would have rode the entire night if we let her. Even ice cream didn't stop her from crying and crying about leaving those puppies.

Our last day was spent back at the beach. It stared out a bit cool but by the early afternoon it was beautiful out. Aunt Kristen drove down to meet us and Abriella had a great time being buried in the sand and building sand castles with her.

We couldn't drag Eric away from the beach and ended up leaving a lot later than we had planned but it really was a nice day and a great way to end our beach vacation.

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