Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

I hadn't planned on doing Christmas cards this year but after hearing about Shutterfly's Holiday Card promotion I may rethink that idea. How cool are 50 free card! Hurry, offer ends December 10th.

I am really liking these

I love simple cards and always like using lots of pictures. Even better that they are on cardstock. If I'm going to do any sort of cards though I really need to get working on the pictures. My plan was to have them done in the fall with the beautiful fall colors. Well it's a bit too late for that. Maybe this time I'll start with the card and plan my pictures around it. We'll see... better get a move on it if I want them to go out before Christmas!! I don't normally order these kinds of things from Shutterfly but have been really really impressed with their photo books. I have gotten quite a few from many different places and Shutterfly is by far the best. I can't wait to see what these look like and think that I'll be pleasantly impressed :) We'll see how it goes with the tripod and two little kiddos this year. Wish me luck!

I also love the look of these desk calendars

I think they would be fun to display a few pictures from each month of the previous year. How neat to have that reminder of what the kiddos looked like last year at the same time. They could be really nice gifts as well.

Oh my gosh... and notepads... you can never have too many notepads.

What a fun gift for teachers... or neighbors... or just for yourself.

If you haven't ordered your cards yet I suggest you take a look at Shutterfly and possible look into the 50 free card promotion. You won't be disappointed :)

oh and yes. I will receive compensation for this! ;)

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