Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The next best toy to puzzles lately have been the legos. When up at my parents for Thanksgiving Abriella and I broke into the giant tubs of legos in their basement and brought home a few to try out and see how she liked them (and also to see how much we hated picking them up from random places all around the house). Well she loves them, and honestly so do I. They were my favorite toy as a kid and some things just don't really change. We were having some fun making a house for the scads of lego people that Abriella had picked out, when she lined them all up and started giving them names.

Is everyone accounted for?

Oh no, not Grandpa... lets take a minute and focus on him...

First of all, I wonder why this lego guy was even made... and then I wonder why she picked him to be Grandpa... I'll let you decide :)

Oh. and I'm missing too. That's because I'm in the front...
taking pictures of everyone :)

And here's one more... this guy is in jail.

He's a stranger... do you think we gave her the wrong idea with the stranger talk?
And that's how she sees it...

And here's Oliver...

just hanging out waiting for the day he can really play

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